Dear STACT Members and Sponsors,

I am excited to serve as the 2021 President of the Security Traders Association of Connecticut. STACT looks forward to offering our members multiple networking opportunities throughout the year, as well as providing pertinent business content. We will continue to evolve with the investment management industry, both in CT and elsewhere. I’d like to thank the 2020 STACT Board for serving in a very unusual year.   In 2019 prior to the pandemic, we had a record-breaking year in terms of membership and attendance at our events, and we are eager to replicate that success in 2021.  We will partner with Bass-A-Palooza again on June 5th, helping raise money for Save the Sound.  Our annual fall outing at Foxwoods will be held on Sept 23rd and 24th so please put that in your calendars. Details will be on the website imminently, but we have already booked rooms, golf, karting and bowling.

On behalf of the whole Board, we appreciate your support. A good portion of our sponsorship & membership funds goes to support National STA which is doing some incredible work in Washington, DC . Along with our Fall event, you should also seriously consider attending the 87th annual Market Structure Conference presented by the National STA in Washington, DC.  We look forward to seeing everyone at various times throughout the year. STACT is offering attractive new levels of Connecticut STA sponsorship for 2021, please reach out for details.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime to discuss membership, ways to volunteer, ideas, or if you are interested in potentially joining our Board. Thank you.

Best Wishes,
Pat O’Meara,
President STACT